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Artificial Intelligence simulates the intelligent behaviour of humans in computer machines which are programmed to perform the tasks and think like human reasoning, their capabilities, and also mimic their actions. Thereby it helps in problem-solving and learning as it associates with the human mind. To achieve the specific goal artificial intelligence plays an important role as it can rationalize and take actions. . A subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which refers to the concept that computer programs can automatically learn from and adapt to new data without being assisted by humans.

Artificial Intelligence benefited to fashion industry:

The fashion industry is one of the industries that have taken great advantage of AI. It is useful in several innovative ways through the compilation of data from social media and the internet. In the age of the Internet and social media, it is more challenging for designers, retailers, and suppliers to predict what consumers want and how to address consumer’s wants expeditiously. So AI helps for the quickly evolving fashion trends, assisting in the design process, identifying what consumers want, and collecting data on key features of competing fashion lines and price.

As trends in the fashion industry are more rapidly changing with consumer access to the Internet and social media, and not being able to monitor these changes can be a hindrance to companies in this industry where humans cannot possibly process all of the data from individual consumers and entire markets, social media feeds, and customer product reviews. The access to such large amounts of data and the ability to synthesize that data objectively and efficiently is an advantage to companies with AI in the fashion industry. But as we all know every coin has two sides, in the same way, AI even though seemingly beneficial, may sometimes create new legal challenges and threats to traditional intellectual property rights.

AI works like backbone during pandemic:

The fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to look like the biggest economic shock. Many industries have already been hard hit.

If digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) had their way, the much-dreaded practice of discounting in fashion and retail could vanish overnight. Trained algorithms would pre-empt such situations by informing retailers on which products to procure, in what quantity, whom to sell them to, and when – at full price. Empowered by AI insights, designers, merchandisers, and buyers could soon predict customer preferences, way before they become fashionable. Online shopping could become a seamless experience in engagement, where the shopper describes the dress of their dreams, and an AI-powered search engine responds by tracking it down.

Currently, fashion retailers work with limited data to predict what products to make, in what quantity, and when to discount them for clearance. Data brought together from disparate sources can help brands to align supply with demand – trends recognition on social media, including colours and silhouettes, identification of keywords from text searches, voice assistants, chatbots, and the browsing and shopping history of customers. AI can make predictions on trends even before they happen.

The enormous impact of Artificial Intelligence has been realized in transforming the fashion and apparel industry in the past decades. However, the research in this domain is scattered and mainly focuses on one of the stages of the supply chain. Due to this, it is difficult to comprehend the work conducted in the distinct domain of the Fashion and Apparel Industry. Therefore, this research aims to study the impact and significance of Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion and Apparel Industry in the last decades throughout the supply chain.

The many benefits of AI in fashion

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There is no denying that artificial intelligence has been dramatically shifting the way business is done. From the use of predictive analytics in business to computer vision in identifying product attributes, there are myriad ways AI has been benefiting the field of fashion.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has swept into many industries with the potential to revolutionize businesses through higher speed, lowered operational costs, and access to a depth of consumer and market data that promise a strong competitive edge. . Some of the ways down below illustrate just how powerful applying AI for fashion is:

• Customization

Just as how Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon can suggest similar shows or products, AI in the fashion industry can do just the same. With e-commerce becoming a central way that people shop, there is more data about the consumer being tracked than ever before. Many successful fashion websites can keep a log of the browsing patterns of their customers, and in turn suggest similar items based on colour, style, and design.

• Improved customer service & communication

Calling and emailing, while still prevalent amongst many businesses are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In the last few years, the emergence of chatbot technology has significantly increased conversion and communication between the customer and fashion brands. From IBM Watson to Hubspot Chatbot, there is a multitude of solutions that help track leads, answer questions, and even give product recommendations.

• Better buying and planning

For many fashion buyers and planners, a difficulty that is commonly faced knows exactly which material to buy for designers. Ordering too much of one thing might be detrimental to the business, especially if that product does not sell as well as they hoped. Yet, with advanced predictive analytics, buyers can effectively learn from customer behaviour, and in turn plan with greater accuracy. By knowing which items are best and worst sellers, you can buy and plan with precision.

• Automating operations

One of the greatest benefits of using artificial intelligence is the ability to automate mundane tasks. A majority of company working time is used for menial data entry, calculations, and other efforts that can easily be run by artificial intelligence alone. This is a huge asset to fashion brands, as they can assess margins with greater accuracy and organization using AI, requiring less manpower. This frees up many retailers to focus on more important matters like strategy and execution.

• Managing inventory

A huge problem that retailers face is over-ordering and losing out on profit due to the unsold product. It has always been quite tricky to keep business moving, yet not hold too much that you are left with wasted items. Today, many companies use machine learning algorithms to make more accurate predictions and choices. While demand forecasting techniques have been around for years, traditional methods only used historical sales data. The majority of calculative work needed to be done by humans and with limitations when the data sets go over to a certain limit. Yet, with machine learning, you can reduce forecasting errors by up to 50%, and are not restricted to how many data points and sources are used, thereby making more precise predictions.

• Reduced returns

Apparel returns take approximately 3x longer to inspect than other verticals. This makes operational costs quite high. However, with the help of AI, retailers can help customers to make more informed purchase decisions . This increase in customization and improved communication prevents dissatisfaction, and in turn, reduces the return rate. Retailers lose every year from preventable returns, which is why their use of AI would be incredible.

• Improved product discovery

With the help of computer vision, an extension of machine learning, shoppers are now able to upload a photo of a product that they desire and get instant feedback on whether that item exists in the specified stores. Some solutions help scan the photo to give recommendations of where they can buy the said product and at what retailer. One great example of this is Google Lens, which allows mobile users to snap a photo of a product, then find and buy similar styles right from their smartphone. In the same way, Pinterest’s Lens uses AI technology to search for visually similar pins across their database.

• Provide personalized support

As we all know that Customers are the king of the market. So customer satisfaction is the motto of every industry. So to make them comfortable AI works like a wonder to them. It helps retailers in providing personalized and consistent support. AI collects, analyses, and interprets rich data from, e-commerce platforms and the runway to spot future fashion trends for each product category. This information is then combined with the data on past performance and customer behaviour to establish the optimum product that would resonate best with a retailer’s consumer base.

Impact on Online Fashion Retail in 2021:

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The ever-increasing scale and granularity of personalization in online fashion retail are impossible to manage without the assistance of AI and related automated processes. Many people predicts that by 2021, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with an enterprise without interacting with a human.
AI can also be used for practicality and productivity within stores and online retail. Through logging sales, returns, and online purchases, retailers can keep track of stock and gauge which stores need which products. Artificial intelligence could help retailers to save the huge amount annually.


The fashion industry is one example of where AI has been particularly useful in being able to gather and analyze large amounts of data to better address what consumers want additionally. The retail industry is a price-sensitive market. AI provides the brand with valuable information on strategy pricing. Brands can indulge in multiple pricing models; adjust prices according to seasons, competitor’s products, and consumer demand.

To avoid getting left behind during this period of digital transformation, fashion companies should be injecting artificial intelligence into their business strategy. AI simplifies retail big data, which helps companies improve their processes and bottom line, while keeping shoppers happy, loyal and chic.

That’s why implementing AI is now crucial. It helps companies streamline their costs, while at the same time providing the kind of customer experience customers expects, allowing the companies who utilize AI well to compete with the major players. It also help customers to stay connected.Companies are using AI with predictive insights to elevate their work.

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At the beginning of mankind, human being were not in need to wear footwear as the feet can adapt the absence of it, however gradually over some time it has taken much important in humankind as one part of life mostly depending on physiological state and also depend upon once professions.

Our feet are the foundation of our everyday lives. Every good foundation must have the right support. Most of our lives are spent in shoes. Anyone can go out and buy a new pair of shoes based simply on how they look, but for the person who is always on their feet; good footwear is worth its weight in gold.

If you are wearing improper shoes and standing on your feet the whole full day, it can be uncomfortable. This may further result in leg pain, lower back or foot pain. Shoes are not only for the good look but must make your workday the most comfortable one. Bad footwear can cause injuries or have long-term effects on our posture, so investing in a quality pair will be beneficial in the long run.


Today footwear is part of the safety clothing of many professions, for example, in the clothing of an engineer/architect or who works in the field of the chemical and biological safety. As the clothes that scientists, doctors, chemists, etc, must wear in a laboratory; the use of footwear is equally important because this is what your job/profession requires.

And the importance of the use of footwear is also due to medical or physiological reasons, diabetics, the elderly, etc., who are vulnerable to many risks when being barefoot, or those who need some physical/orthopedic treatment where they must necessarily wear footwear.


The right shoe may help in many ways which are as under:

It gives cushions to your foot.

In every shoe, the midsole are the main part of the shoe that provides cushioning. Surprisingly, shoes don’t reduce the force that goes through the body all that much. But they do increase the time taken for that force to apply, so the body has time to adapt.

It supports your foot

Your shoe should aid the alignment of your foot when it touches the ground.

It feels comfortable

Your shoe should feel immediately comfortable from the first wear.

Fits well

You must be sure that you have at least 1‒1.5cm at the end of the shoe. It should be wide enough and long enough to fit your feet. The shoe should feel snug but not tight.


Men who are looking for leather formal shoes at the lowest pricing then they will surely be going to purchase Joe Pollen shoes as we understand the importance of shoes in the fashion world hence developed the different types of casual or formal shoes like Derby, Brogues, Loafers, Lace-up, Monk straps, Oxford and safety shoes for men. Men can easily choose the best casual or formal shoe here as per their occasion clothing and need.

Importance of Joe Pollen shoes:

Joe Pollen

Joe pollen shoes help to keep your feet healthy and make your physical activity easier as being comfortable to wear and are also appropriate for any problems with your feet. Thus protects your legs, joints, and feet. They are reliable, durable, and designed in such a way that they push the limits of exploration. Their formal shoes are highly durable and made of genuine leather.

They are more popular because of their formal looking designs as well as top quality leather. It’s the most favorite among the youth for giving the most stylish and classy finish shoes ever. Wear the formal lace-up shoe pair with the sharp flat fronted trousers and a crisp shirt for the most elegant effect.

Our feet carry the weight of our body throughout the day and that’s why you should choose quality shoes. The quality of shoes is mainly defined by the material the shoes are made of and that’s how the Joe Pollen shoes are made up of. And it has the following features:

● It regulates moisture:

If the quality of the leather is good it can absorb moisture or humidity. Thus the risk of any allergic reactions or infection is been reduced and the limit of the occurrence of mites and bacteria can also be reduced.

● It eliminates foot odour:

Many times it happens that the synthetic materials won’t allow the shoe to breathe. It results in producing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and bad odour. One can get rid of these smelly feet by choosing the best quality of shoes i.e. Joe Pollen in which you are not having foot odour.

● It avoids discomfort and other problems:

Joe pollen shoes protect one’s feet using a shoe with high-quality materials that avoid possible inflammation and frictions. So even wearing the shoes during the whole day avoids discomforts.

● Quality shoes help you save money:

Every quality product has a long-lasting life. The same is in the case of Joe Pollen shoes as the standard quality of the material makes the shoes last for many more years compared to that of poor quality.

● It helps in preventing cramping which Matters:

It’s hard to imagine a situation in which comfortable footwear would be out of place. Whether you need something that looks great while visiting a prospective customer or shoes that you can wear around the office, then better to purchase the Joe Pollen brand as it helps if they provide support and cushioning that keeps the feet from cramping or hurting.

● Along with Cost-effectiveness:

The office footwear you choose is only worth the price if it will provide the benefits that you desire. Settling for anything less to save a few rupees will do more harm than good in the long run. Invest in something durable, comfortable, has the right appearance, and will last for a long time. You’ll be glad that you did it buying Joe Pollen shoes.

Types of shoes:

We have a large variety of shoes available according to the occasion, dress, and needs of the customers. As customers, satisfaction is only our motto. We give a huge variety of choices in colours, patterns, unparalleled comfort, international style, and exceptional finesse owing to its unrelenting focus on craftsmanship quality, and in-vogue fashion. Only customers need is to check out the best fit, shape, material, and make.

Men have always complained about having minimal footwear choices. But when it comes to Joe Pollen’s shoes, the possibilities are endless. On a day you want to re-create a suave but relaxed look, you can easily rely on Joe Pollen Loafers. For other occasions, brogues, and derby from Joe Pollen will fetch you a matchless sophistication.

The different types of party wear shoes are as follows:

● Monk shoes

Monk strap shoes for men are classics. Their appeal lies in their ability to balance the fine combination of being nonchalant and formal at the same time. If you’re ever faced with a situation where you are required to dress sharply, but don’t want to look too formal, slip into these shoes. Unlike traditional lace-up formal shoes, this footwear does not have laces. Their distinct appeal lies in their buckle straps. Because of their design, you can easily put on and take off.

● Oxford

Oxford is considered a design classic and the most formal men’s shoes. It’s the best shoes to wear when having to attend wedding functions or having a black-tie dinner to impress someone.

It is distinctive for its ‘closed lacing’. This means that the eyelet is stitched under the vamp which provides streamlined and a clean look. It also has some variations in design like capped toes, to wingtips, we can find it easily that works with our style personality.

It must always be straight-laced. Here the lace lies in neat horizontal rows across the shoe. It thus also helps to distinguish the oxford from the derby.

● Brogues

The brogue is a boot traditionally characterized as a style of low-heeled shoe or by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations and serration along the pieces’ visible edges.

It looks great in a slim pair of classic colours and wearing it with tailored trousers or a suit. Another option is of Pairing with the light-colored chinos with classic brown brogues and a button-up shirt for an elegant yet relaxed look. It gives smart and stylish looks with slim dark blue jeans and a T-shirt and blazer.

When it comes to men’s shoes, brogues are a must-have style. Not only are they smart and fashionable, but they can also add interest and excitement to any outfit thanks to their unique perforations. So, when it’s time to pick a pair of shoes to wear, why not select some brogues? Whether you’re dressing for a smart casual event or semi-formal function, these shoes can perfectly complete your look.

● Oxblood penny loafers

Penny loafers are a versatile pair of shoes that you can wear with most outfits. It also aligns well with blazers but sticks to keeping the tones of your outfits in the same colour palette. Loafers without socks are an undoubtedly clean, relaxed, and minimalist look. It gives classy, elegant looks so it’s the choice of those men who need comforts. There are a huge variety of options available when it comes to colour part to match it with your outfits. But it looks smart with conservative colours like brown, black, navy, and grey. These are the most versatile colors and will match most outfit combinations. But the traditional colour for dress loafers is black.

● Derbies

The derby became the popular hunting and sporting boot in the 1850s. By the turn of the 20th century, the derby had become appropriate for wear in town.

Your shoes can make or break your outfit, so it’s essential to pick the right pair. Thankfully though, selecting the perfect footwear is easy when one has derbies in one wardrobe. These sleek and timeless shoes can suit practically any occasion and outfit. As such, they’re a style every gentleman should own. Ideal for work, the weekend, and nearly every event in between, derby shoes have been covered in both style and practicality.

● Casual leather Loafers

Loafers for men style are undoubtedly the dressier and more comfortable variant in footwear. Commonly known as slip-on shoes meaning the absence of lace and other fastenings, loafers have achieved versatility as the perfect footwear no matter if you are dressing up or dressing down. Loafers started life as casual shoes. They’ve developed over the years into classic formal wear, but the style still reflects their casual origins.


At the end of the day, footwear is worn to protect you! Choose your shoe depending on the type of activity you will be most involved with as it will be designed to handle those movements.

We all have a right to buy whatever we can use to improve ourselves, and a right to enjoy a nice reward with our hard-earned money. More and more people have realized that.

Joe Pollen has always been at the leading edge of technology development, innovation, and cutting-edge marketing campaigns that help it surpass other brands in terms of sales and popularity. Being one of those rare brands that cater to stylish footwear options for both men and women, it has etched a special place in the hearts of people.
Be it office, casual parties, or formal occasions, good shoes are a must! Whether your purpose of wear is formal or casual, Joe Pollen has something to meet every type of shoe palate.

It’s very important to take care of your shoes by keeping your shoes clean, hydrated, and protected. Avoid wearing high heels constantly. Give your shoes a chance to breathe. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. By doing so, you extend the life of the shoes. The types of shoes worn differ from culture to culture, however, in most cultures; shoes are representative of social status or an extension of one’s self. Shoes can affect our perception of others as well as ourselves.

Thus we wear shoes to protect our feet from the elements when the ground beneath us is too cold sometimes or too hot many times, so for our soles to withstand. Our outside or inside area is not usually soft and smooth so our shoes become a barrier between it and our feet. Probably the greatest reason for the wearing of shoes is fashion. Nowadays shoes are must for any age group starts from toddlers to the old age group.