Just like other countries, the Indian fashion industry is all about pattern making, accessory designing, garment construction, pattern making, textile research and development, fabric weaving, makeup artist, modeling.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is also called landfill fashion as the mass production of cheap clothing tempted customers as they are at low and affordable rates. But the product cannot be recycled. So they throw away the garments once used. The material used in it does not biodegrade. Many times harmful dyes from the textiles leach into groundwater and it causes excessive damage to the environment. The materials like nylon, polyester, and acrylic are made up of plastic. So when they are washed the plastic fibers are shaded from the material and the small fiber plastics are escaping into the environment. They cause pollution to the environment. The other negative impacts are social, ethical and health issues, especially with the rise in sweatshops in the sector.

The fashion industry has been famous for damaging the environment during various stages of production from raw materials to manufacturing to consumption and disposal. They are non-biodegradable. They pollute the ocean and the marine life in the ocean absorbs chemical pollutants. So to save the environment the eco-friendly and sustainable fashion must be adopted.

Sustainable fashion:

Sustainable fashion is all about designing, manufacturing, distributing, and used clothes in environmentally friendly ways.

The idea of sustainability and eco-fashion is closely connected. Sustainability awareness and Eco-friendly thinking both are trying to adopt an environmentally and socially responsible lifestyle as they try to have goods that are made up of sustainable fibers and in an ethical way. To construct a new system and mechanism for the growing fashion industry, the emerging design philosophy and sustainability have embraced eco-fashion. The number of ethical movements, green trades and eco-friendly is glowing with great speed and within no time it became a part of the contemporary fashion scene among the international players.

Researches have been done to take the necessary steps to develop services and products that are sustainable. The role of the designer is crucial as the major share for the lifecycle of a product is contributed by the designer. Thus the role of the designer plays a Vitol role in the development of sustainable products with less negative environmental, social and ethical impact. In recent times, it has seen a change in seawater as more steps have been taken for the eco-effectiveness, eco-friendly, and life cycle analysis techniques. More products have been used in such a way that they are biodegradable and thereby trying to reduce pollution and make the environment more clean and pure.

5 ways to make fashion more sustainable:

On demand and custom clothing:

To achieve a more sustainable fashion industry, fashion on demand is the key recipe. For overproduction of clothes, trends; today’s fashion industry is responsible for it. The production must be done according to the actual demand of the product. In this way, fashion companies need to develop a new business model. Thus for fashion companies to create a more sustainable business model, fashion on demand is the key strategy.

Products that’s better for people:

In developing countries like India, fast fashion has kept the cost of all clothes down at the cost of low pay and conditions. Thus by switching to fair and ethically made brands it ensures that the clothes that we choose and spend the money on, are not manufactured by any advantage of child labor or any workers.

Clean and green fashion:

The product which is made from the renewable resources of the earth is known as green. The word clean implies natural products which are not harmful to our health. To make the planet clean and a better place to live, green fashion is the best way to contribute to the planet. It has minimal effect on the environment.

Sustainable fashion is fashions where the products are manufactured in the most sustainable ways by taking into account both the environment as well as socio-economic aspects. Here the accessories, shoes, clothing all are manufactured designed, and used in a way that is more environmentally friendly.

Fair and ethical fashion:

In the fashion world, both fair and ethical fashion goes hand-in-hand. The fashion world has always been very harmful to labourers, animals, and the planet. Consumers are the one who chooses the fair and ethical fashion in the fashion industry which Comprising of labour rights, animals, and the planet at the time of the manufacturing process. Many customers are conscious of the history of the products they are buying. How it was manufactured and what are the materials used in it and many more such aspects they are interested in it.

Nowadays Brands are innovating new ideas to make fashion more cruelty-free and ethical. Brands manufactured clothes by considering the consumer’s choice and consumers are heading towards fair and ethical fashion. So fashion is choosing more sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially right clothes. Thus by fairly manufacturing the products helps to preserve the traditional craft and also make the clothes more sustainable. . For making the fashion industry more fair and ethical, not only the consumers and brands are trying but the government also is trying and taking many initiatives with the transparent supply chain. So brands are moving towards a more sustainable and vegan way

Repair, Redesign, and Upcycle Fashion

Brands are improving their products and ensure the customers that their product purchases will last for a longer period. Many brands are now offering the facilities of repairing the clothes after purchase. Beyond repairing the clothes they are trying to manufacture the clothes that cannot be repaired and can get redesigned or recycled. The manufacturer is trying to save the raw material and natural resources by redesigning and trying to give an entirely new look from the old’s one.

Moreover, brands are also aiding to manage fashion waste and make the industry more sustainable.

Upcycle fashion uses either pre or post consumers wastes for manufacturing new products. This process reuses old clothes without going through the recycling process of clothing.

Thus, the fashion industry is saving on raw material and natural resources and is trying to save the environment. In the fashion industry, Not only consumers, but even brands and retailers are also following the 5 R’s of fashion – Reduce, Repair, Recycle, Repurpose, and Reinvent. Thus the fashion industry is going to be more sustainable with repaired, redesigned, and upcycled fashion.

Here are 4 things that any fashion brand/designer can do to be more sustainable!

Sustainable fashion initiatives for consumers

It may seem like there isn’t a whole lot thing that we can do to change the industry since we aren’t fashion brands, but that’s not true. As a consumer, we have more power than you realize. We can change certain things and can make the environment more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

• Change the laundry pattern:

Wash clothes only when it’s fully loaded with cold water and try to avoid dry cleaning and tumble dryers. Use only green detergent for washing. Invest in the product which helps in reducing the amount of microfiber in the wastewater. The coral ball helps in it.

• purchase clothes from sustainable brands:

If the demand for sustainable clothing increases the manufacture of big brands will invest in sustainable solutions. As a result, the pollution will reduce thereby its becomes environmentally friendly.

• Buy from the flea market

If buying from sustainable brands is costly and is not in your budget then try to shop at thrifting stores. You can often find fashionable items at a fraction of the price. Remember to recycle or donate your old garments when you no longer use them.

• Donate your clothes

If you are not wearing the clothes, it’s better to donate them instead of piling them up in the landfill. The torn clothes must be repaired and then donate to charity, so the needy one can wear them, or put them in textile bins.

• Invest in high-quality garments:

Many fashion brands are using plastic-based fibres which shed plastic microfibers into wastewater and thus pollute the oceans and marine life. So if you purchased the clothes from the brands using high-quality natural fibres like GOTS ie certified organic cotton, can decrease micro plastic pollution and can also protect marine life.

• Rent clothes:

It is the best option for outfits that you won’t wear often. So to invest in those clothes which are worn very few is just a wastage of money. So the best way to save money and the environment is to rent clothes. For the clothes like tuxedoes, prom dresses, and maternity clothes it’s the best.


Thus sustainable development helps in conserving the natural resources for the future, fulfills the need of the people, and saves the national budget. It fulfills the needs of the present people without compromising the ability of the future generations and helps to meet their needs with the peaceful and harmonious.

The organization has now started manufacturing the products in such a way that it reduces the exploitation of natural resources and thereby reducing the impact on the environment and thus maintaining socio-economy holiness. So by choosing sustainable fashion one can say no to support the negative environmental impact that the fashion industry is causing, and in-turn reduces your environmental footprint.


The year 2020 has changed everyone’s style as no one would have ever thought of staying at home for such a long time. Work from home makes us free to wear comfortable clothing. This has changed the mindset of people and thus new fashion emerges in the year 2021. Now people are more conscious about wearing clothes that make them feel a distinct sense of ease and comfort. COVID-19 changed our lifestyle in 2020 and gave rise to new trends, new fashions. All the shopping malls were shut down. Repurposing shopping online or to fit in the old outfits were the only two options available. Last year there was a major shift in fashion trends across the globe.

A ray of hope sparks as entering in the year 2021 with new styles and launches of new trends. People are expecting with some positive vibes in this New Year that it will drastically different from last year and we are going to look out for something new and playful.

From 70s-inspired types of denim to decadent leather, 2021 will bring upon us an array of trends to truly experience the joy of fashion. Additionally, customers will continue to look at e-commerce as a source of trendy fashion offerings from the comfort of their homes. Keeping in mind that the entire fashion trend will spill over into this year too, here are some of the predictions of the fashion trends of 2021:



Cardigan is back and is better than ever as now it’s available in different colours and embellishments, oversized and cropped proportions and also with the belt. The best thing about a cardigan is that it can be it with jeans or with T-shirts on weekend, easily dressed up with a blouse and also can be smartly worn at work. Thus cardigans can be matched up in many ways. If you feel like there’s too much fabric with the top and cardigan together, try tucking in the shirt or doing a French tuck to show off your waist.

Whether you want to wear a formal outfit or an elegant one, a casual style or a cool one, or even something office-appropriate, a cardigan would probably a great option.

Cardigans are fashion girl’s favorite offering as it has endless styling possibilities. They serve as a chic and practical layering piece that looks elegant especially to the teens.

Tractor inspired Boots:


Boot season is in full swing, boots, and booties are one thing that is appropriate pretty much in any season. It’s for those people who believe that they can never own too many of the chic shoes, the 2020 boot trends are a welcome addition to your boot arsenals. You’re going to make some major room in your closet or on the shoe rack, or under your bed because the boot trends this year came to walk all over previous seasons.

Boots are worn for many reasons. It protects the foot and leg from water, extreme cold, mud, or hazards or providing additional ankle support for strenuous activities with added traction requirements or may have hobnails.

Protective boots and Safety Shoes are a must in a hazardous workplace environment as they decrease the risk of workplace injury. They are designed to provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection suitable for a rugged environment. Benefits from the Tractor inspired boots are as under:

• Prevention from Slips and Falls Slips, trips, and falls are very common occurrences.
• Protects feet from puncture prevention from falling objects
• Protection from Electrical Hazards
• Safeguards the feet from cold and wet weather condition

Candy coloured sweatpants.

Sweatpants are a casual variety of soft trousers worn either for athletic purposes or for more comfort. But pandemic has changed the situation and now sweatpants are worn at many places. Covid has changed the whole life and during the lockdown as people working from home prefer in most comfortable outfits to wear and thus the demand for sweatpants increases drastically. Due to its high comfort and is available in varieties of colours, people are crazy to have it in their wardrobe. Its soft fabric made it more comfortable than stylish. Nowadays sweatpants are also worn in a public and no longer are the cases where you can just wear them to the bed only. It is available in many different colours. Sweatpants can also be worn with a coat or blazer; one can wear high heels instead of snickers. To give a fancy twist to your outfit wear sweatpants that are made up of silk or velvet material.

Puff Sleeves.

Puff sleeves are more in trend as it goes with almost all kinds of clothes. The puffy sleeves are mainly done with dresses or blouses. They’re often done in more transparent fabrics and sometimes cropped. The larger-than-life sleeve has presented itself in many variations: the balloon, the Juliet, the leg-of-mutton, and so on. Blouses with puffy sleeves might be the most common version of this trend, often done in colors such as black, pink, or white. The puffy sleeves are combined with bows, ruffles, or other details that enhance a more romantic look. The great thing with the puffy sleeves is their voluminous style, which adds a statement to any outfit. Exaggerated puff sleeves are a silhouette that has dominated in recent years, and is set to continue and become even more prominent in 2021.

Boiler suits.

More casual than a dress and usually looks like a jumpsuit, boiler suits are set to be a massive trend for 2020. Requiring minimum effort while adding maximum style, they’re the ultimate cool and comfy outfit.

A boiler suit is a one-piece garment with full-length sleeves and legs like a jumpsuit, but usually less tight-fitting. Its main feature is that it has no gap between jacket and trousers or between lapels, and no loose jacket tails. It often has a long thin pocket down the outside of the right thigh to hold long tools. It usually has a front fastening extending the whole length of the front of the body up to the throat, with no lapels. It may be fastened with buttons, a zip, Velcro, or snap fasteners. Boiler suits with an attached hood are also in trend.

A boiler suit consists of a single piece of clothing that combines trousers and a jacket. You wear it over your clothes to protect them from dirt while you are working.

Stylist Bags:

Handbags play an essential role in the life of modern women. Using these stylish bags, women can easily carry their important personal belongings along with them. She can easily keep their medicines, wallets, cosmetics, and many other valuables which they need daily.

When you are looking for a perfect handbag, just go for durability, style, and affordability. All these three factors are essential factors which you should keep in mind before purchasing a perfect bag.

Going to another place without handbags is too hard for women. Handbags are not only used for style purposes but are also useful in carrying daily items manageable in them. Women keep their different belongings such as phones, keys, money, etc in bags. The need for bags now has been evolved especially due to the covid-19 impact; Handbags play a very important role in a woman’s life. The woman usually tries to match it with their outfits. For different outfits, there are different styles of bags. For eg: women used to carry different style bags for saree and different for western outfits, for wedding purposes, or any other occasion.


Hoodies are cool and it symbolizes youthfulness. Remember those collegiate hoodies you loved wearing when you were in school that you still wear long after you’ve finished school? I mean to say that we don’t need hoodies a lot in the wardrobe like we need all other outfits. You just choose one and that one will last you ages!

We’re heading down the smart-casual route now and the versatility of the hoodie is beginning to shine. The secret here is to ensure that the hoodie is the thinner type that won’t add unsightly bulk to the finished look.

One of the best ways to keep warm in winter is to layer a hoodie underneath a leather jacket. As well as offering plenty of warmth, the combination is also stylish and sleek. To keep the look tough and edgy, opt for a black biker jacket and pair it with a black zip-up hoodie.

Bucket hats:

It still goes on a hot trend this year. A Bucket hat, Fishing hat, or Beanie hat, is a soft cotton hat with a wide and downwards sloping brim that is worn by both men and women. The brim offers shade from the sun for the eyes and face. Thus it protects us.

A bucket hat is a little more relaxed and chill and has a nice sense of style, ease, and cool. The bucket hat is getting even more playful. Go and get a classic black bucket, with nice texture and fabric. Think denim, shearling, even waxy rain jacket coatings.


Fashion trends are the popular styles of clothing and accessories at a particular moment in time. Micro trends such as tiny sunglasses and high-waisted denim cycle in and out of fashion within a matter of months up to a few years. Macro trends change over a longer period and have more to do with lifestyle and demographic changes than the latest fashion designs

Whether men or women all across the world everyone wants to look good and wants to feel good. Everyone wants to look on point and fashionably forward at all hours. Be it the rise of chic comfortable clothing or trendy face masks to match your mood for the day. Businesses and designers have adapted to the current situation and directly translated their ideas into designs presented through live-streamed shows, artful videos, and YouTube streams.

Thus fashion is something where age doesn’t matter. At any age group, people’s fashion and style go hand in hand. But along with fashion, a person should wear only that clothes which give them more comfort and ease.