Mr. Trump you should have Listened to One Centre-had you really Wanted to be in Power.

He is popularly known as Mr. Orange and very short-tempered. Ya! You guess it right. I am talking about none other than the former U.S. President, Donald Trump ‘I don’t understand how he gets that orange tint.

When he debated against Joe Biden, looming over his podium and looking, frankly, like a dark orange rain cloud, I wasn’t too surprised to see others on social media wondering if the president was having extra-orange last night. Or could he be eating too many carrots?

What the heck is up with Trump’s face? Eating too many carrots could essentially turn Trump into a giant carrot by raising levels of carotene in the blood. However, to maintain the orange colour, he would have to continue to eat carrots or oranges nearly every day. Pictures and videos show that Trump was already becoming more orange in the year 2020.

Donald John Trump was born on 14the June 1946, is an American politician who was the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Trump and his businesses have been involved in more than 4,000 state and federal legal actions, including six bankruptcies. Donald Trump is one of the oldest serving Presidents, having taken the oath when he was 70 years old

He is the only President to not have any military or government service before taking office. . He shows that he has even greater acting skills than people realize. Trump used a variety of showman tricks, mixed with a dash of luck, to win his nomination. But he is staggeringly unpopular outside the Republican Party. Even within the party, Trump elicits strong negative ratings.



Everyone knows, of course, that Donald Trump behaves differently from the leaders of other countries especially during the time of the pandemic. He regularly shows off his enormous ego and opinion of himself. Donald Trump has failed all test of leadership, whether it’s his denial of science, his disregard for data and facts, his flirtations with dictators and violent extremists, his mismanagement of the pandemic, or his alienation of an amazingly broad array of talented people who worked for him.

Trump is making America an obstacle in the global fight against Covid-19. The president’s deadly mishandling of the pandemic threatens to make the world’s most powerful country .The successful global effort will require defeating the pandemic. Instead, Trump is making it harder for the world to address the crisis.

Trump does not seem to recognize that the only effective solution to the pandemic is to counter it everywhere. Without a universally administered vaccine, the virus could continue to cycle through country after country. And as desperate as the situation is in the US, other countries could fare far worse. The UN recently tripled its assessment of the immediate need for aid to the most vulnerable and said trillions of dollars in rescue packages would be necessary for developing economies.

Running under the ‘Make America Great’ campaign, Trump promised economic reform, simplifying taxation and cutting the corporate tax rate to 21%, while also leading an economic boom, until it fell flat due to the coronavirus pandemic. People packed in by the thousands, many dressed in red, white, and blue and carrying signs reading “Four more years” and “Make America Great Again”.

They came out during a global pandemic to make a statement, and that’s precisely why they assembled shoulder-to-shoulder without masks in a windowless warehouse, creating an ideal environment for the coronavirus to spread. During his term, he has also launched a trade war against China and repealed President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. With Trump in charge, America’s debt has risen to $26 trillion from $19 trillion before he took office.

Trump has attacked the primary international governmental organization dedicated to responding to pandemics. Early in the outbreak, long before Trump claimed that the virus would “disappear”, the World Health Organization (WHO) was sounding the alarm and warning countries to prepare. But instead of working with the WHO, the Trump administration has turned the organization into a battleground with China and halted US funding.

So US people have demanded a different kind of leadership. Today’s leaders increasingly embrace a purpose beyond profit; provide their employee’s connection to a cause bigger than themselves; spend less time telling people what to do and more telling them how to do it; empathize, inspire, motivate, and urge their people to do.



• In his initial stage, the USA was considered a global leader by many. But later on, many people were in the opinion that in Trump’s term, the USA is losing its position.
• Trump has failed in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak
•Trump was against liberal immigration policies. This has affected the employment of immigrants and also IT companies in the USA.



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Donald Trump is trying to confuse us. Or maybe he’s just perpetually confused himself. But it’s evident by now that Trump not only has a habit of contradicting himself but of delivering different statements within seconds or minutes of each other. When President Trump offered that response to a question at a press conference, it was the latest example of his tortured syntax, mid-thought changes of subject, and apparent trouble formulating complete sentences, let alone a coherent paragraph, in unscripted speech. Now, Trump’s vocabulary is simpler.

He repeats himself over and over and lurches from one subject to an unrelated one, there are numerous contrasting examples in his sentences. The change in the linguistic facility could be strategic; maybe Trump himself must be confused, whether his supporters like to hear him speak simple words with more passion rather than proper syntax. Or he may be using it as a strategy to appeal to certain types of people.

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He sparked a seemingly endless series of media controversies as a politician in his speech. Trump’s actions appear angry and impulsive because Trump is angry and impulsive. Computer programmers use the term WYSIWYG -“what you see is what you get.” The real secret of the Trump administration is that it is the WYSIWYG presidency. There is no grand plan or hidden purpose. There is no wizard behind the curtain — just an old, angry, obnoxiously ignorant man. It is not clear that Trump’s latest behavior is anything other than a temper tantrum, attention-seeking.

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President Trump Arrives Back At White House After Stay At Walter Reed Medical Center For Covid

Mr. Trump doesn’t care much for rules and tends to avoid them. He is independent-minded and seems unconcerned with details. He’ll have all sorts of ideas for solving problems, but he may have problems implementing them and can be a bit unpredictable. He Does Not Do What Is Right In The Long Term; He Succumbs to Short Term Pressure:
From the early days of his administration, Trump has made incredibly unpopular decisions: Trump’s decisions and often racist. His actions are politically motivated, and are dictated by election cycles and not by a long-term vision or strategy, or the best interest of the country.

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Trump does not care about the people who work for him. He behaves in an unpleasant way towards other people. Trump is quick to yell, upbraid and hold his staff accountable for his own mistakes. Trump disparaged him publicly time and time. He kept embarrassing them.

He is apathetic. If Trump cared about people, he would be careful. Instead, the last few weeks of his presidency have been like one man’s attempt to break every coronavirus guideline he could before the November election. It’s obvious that Trump put the agents and staff at risk and he acted so flippantly about the pandemic from the beginning and the risks to others from his diagnosis in particular.

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Trump tried to overturn votes by a compilation of misinformation, disinformation, and many other legal challenges. He has spread claims that voting software is “used in states where tens of thousands of votes were stolen from us and given to Biden.” He said in repeated tweets that Dominion Voting Systems is “horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure,” all of which were flagged by Twitter as disputed. He re-tweeted a baseless report that the voting-machine system had “deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide.” But in reality, there was no evidence that any voting systems were compromised, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.


When you think of trendsetters in the fashion world, Donald Trump isn’t someone who would normally come to mind. With his ill-fitting suits, questionable caps, and tangerine complexion, Trump is more of an anti-style icon. Nor he can successfully handle the big fashion stores like one centre in Ahmedabad; As Trump has no connection with fashion. Moreover, in this world of technology and competition, customer’s satisfaction is the first and foremost goal of any business to achieve success.

But Trump doesn’t care for the people. Just like if he loses the election, he blamed the software, in the same way, if he won’t able to cope up with the trends in the fashion world, he going to blame the market policies or anyone else for, as here the trends change very fast.

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Pandemic has caused a sweeping work at home culture amongst the people around the nation with implications of global technology. Work at home was not at all on the to-do list for any of the Multinational Company’s pre corona times. Now even CEOs and board of directors prefer to work a home plan as it is the best for the safety of their employees. As the main aim of any, the company is the productivity of the work should be high by any means. The work is changed but all the employees are easily connected due to modern digital era. Now every industry needs the best work to be done at home and business continuity plans with VDI.

Now for some employees culture of work from home is better and different due to their home situations, occupations, and many other factors along with the support of high quality of connectivity with internet access.

As more and more people are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian culture has begun to recognize that clothing has less effect on work ethic than was once imagined. Working from home has made it more of a challenge to associate particular dress codes with work mode, and discoveries like these aren’t going to be forgotten once office employees begin returning to work.

However, face masks may be far from the most revolutionary thing that happens to the office dress code. The same way food workers may likely continue wearing gloves at take-out windows, office workers will continue to be encouraged to wear masks to work.

The workplace is been changed globally due to pandemics but the new norms are significant in India. Greater opportunity and flexibility give choices they have never been before for qualified females who either stay at home with family to take care of their children or elders or move with their husband locations due to social protocols.
Now employees of many large companies are been urged to work from home for some months to come, even making plans to permanently move some of the portions of their workforces to remote working.

What’s the Reason for a Dress Code?

One Centre Blog IMG

To decide whether to enforce the dress code with a remote workforce gives a great opportunity to pause and give one more thought for why you have a dress code in normal times?

In the past days, the outfits we used to wear are back in our closets. Now going back to the workplace is going to be a huge change with different norms to be followed of Covid 19. Most workplaces have at least some kind of dress code, and for many of those who greet customers and perform service jobs, a specific uniform is required. But the most relaxed this pandemic has brought is the change in the office attire! So the norms of office attire of pressed trousers, shirts, or ties are not at all compulsory.

People find comfier in casual wear and can able to do work with more productivity and concentration. The lifestyle which is changed due to corona has changed the world of fashion of suits, formal dresses, tight jeans, high heels pencil skirts along with accessories and an array of watches are hibernating now a day in our wardrobes. This has been replaced by comfortable clothes. Women and men are now opting for comfort throughout the days. So the trend of T-shirts, pyjamas, track pants, Bermuda’s are back and Patiala pants, sleeveless kurtas, and comfortable cotton or silk pyjamas for women. Bermuda can easy to wear as can be teamed with any shirt or comes in a lot of patterns, styles, and fabrics.


Now employees might not wear an entire three-piece suit or a silk saree to work, but they are opting for comfortable blazers, overcoats, jackets, and cotton kurtas that are stylish and project a professional demeanor. Even sweatpants and shorts are in demand Pyjamas have never been so much marketing airtime before. Even Cardigans are also making a comeback during this pandemic. Track pants, leggings, active wear, and trainers are the new luxury loungewear. Not only are these garments easy to wash and wear every day, but they are also convenient, as you can work easily with comfy and ease with a long and stressful day. Active wear also keeps you in a positive frame of mind, Fashion is out, and loungewear is in.

Many companies will require employees to wear masks at all times, redesign spaces to ensure physical distancing, and restrict movement in congested areas like elevator banks and pantries.

As notions of work attire have changed, the retail landscape has also transformed to meet the needs of the workers. On changing consumer habits, more and more clothing companies are adding casual apparel to their inventory and brands are designing for comfort and versatility.

Consumers are prioritizing comfort over style, buying trendy clothes for basic apparel in neutral colours and comfortable fabrics.

People feel like they don’t need the social feedback as much. They just want to be cozy, and a lot of that has to do with the need to be psychologically warm, not just physically cozy.

Many multinational companies come to know that dress doesn’t matter. All that matters is the maximum productivity in minimum time. And that too is more happening with the casual wear. As if the employees are more comfortable then the output given by them would be more than in uncomfortable wear. So many companies after the coronavirus, allow their employees to wear casual wear or any comfortable clothes full weekdays which are as under:


In July last year, during corona, business attire gave way to a more casual style of dressing at Technology Company Lenovo India. Employees at the firm’s offices across the country were allowed to wear business casuals like shirts, T-shirts with collars, jeans for men, and dresses, skirts, and casual trousers for women.

Last year, Lenovo unveiled a new brand identity, the theme of which was ‘never stand still’. It encompasses the identity of Lenovo’s thought—being energetic, agile, and unconventional. To translate the new branding into a way of working, they have decided to change to a more relaxed way of dressing, as they want employees to be more comfortable at work and be at their productive best. They don’t want them to consider casual wear just as one day of the week.


One Centre Blog

The Goldman Sachs Group is leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals.

Goldman Sachs India businesses in India serve leading corporate and institutional clients across the country. Following a ten-year joint venture, Goldman Sachs established an onshore business presence in Mumbai in 2006. The Bengaluru office opened in 2004.

Goldman Sachs has relaxed its dress code, allowing its bankers to swap their bespoke suits for a more casual look.
After corona, Goldman Sachs announced the relaxation in its dress code to be more flexible. The storied firm is the sort of place where one would have expected the suit-and-tie combo to live out a long, healthy life.

However, the company now permits employees to dress in a manner that is consistent with your client’s expectations. They believe that this is the right time to move to a firm-wide flexible dress code. Thus changing nature of workplaces is generally in favor of a more casual environment.

The investment bank announced the firm-wide flexible dress code urging employees to use good judgment in their fashion choices.

Other banks like JP Morgan have taken similar steps. They are changing the nature of workplaces generally in favor of a more casual environment and had prompted the move to a firm-wide flexible dress code. The main aim is to secure the best employees and have more relaxed offices and perks.


One Centre Blog

The world’s largest money manager by assets allows casual dress code and told employees that they are relaxing the rules further to allow jeans, according to people familiar with the matter.

It is the latest large financial firm to allow employees to wear less formal clothing. Employees could wear business-casual attire rather than formal suits.

The changes come as the financial sector tussles for talent with technology. They also aim to appeal to a younger generation of workers, many of whom favor less formal work environments.

While top BlackRock executives and those meeting with clients still have to dress for the occasion, depending on their location and function, others can opt for less formal looks. BlackRock abandoned a business-formal dress code instead for business casual, which includes khakis and button-down shirts.

The firm told employees they still have the choice to dress up and encouraged discretion based on their regions and roles.


One Centre Blog

The dress code at many firms has loosened up over the years in a reflection of changing corporate cultures. On Friday, International Business Machines where once everyone from the chairman to repairman wore look-alike suits went casual, too.

There are no rules for the dress code now. They are not saying to wear this or that only. Sometimes if they have a big customer meeting, they would tend to wear a proper suit. And if they will work on a project in front of a PC all day, they will dress more casually. This is just giving employees a choice, of the liberalized dress code.
IBM has joined a long and growing list of major corporations that allow people to do without suits on designated “casual days” or for the entire week. General Motors, Ford, General Electric, Chrysler, and Mobil are some of the blue-chip corporations with more flexible fashion rules.


One Centre Blog

Employees say their corporate bosses are fine with anything they wear; Managements too are more employee focused, conscious of their comfort needs. Dress codes are now not a part of the corporate culture of a company.

Blues have replaced whites; Euro checks have toed out plains. They can come dressed in semi-formals all week. The focus is on smart dressing rather than traditional dressing. Managers are just following the changes that industry professionals across India are experiencing. Smart casuals, semi-formals, dark half-sleeve shirts, and slacks have replaced the light and plain colours and stiff dressing. Ties, in some workplaces, continue to be the norm.

With the average age of women employees starting at 21, sarees and salwar are no longer as much in vogue as formal trousers or skirts and shirts. Casual dressing helps employees relax especially in high-stress work conditions. Dress codes have evolved especially in the IT and IT’S an industry where stress levels are very high. Managements introduce casual dressing to create fun. Even within the formals category, long-sleeved shirts and trousers have replaced the suited-booted attire. And short-sleeved shirts and khaki trousers have given way to the more casual collared T-shirts and trousers. The evolution of workplace dress codes just goes to show that corporate management is getting more stylists.

Virgin Atlantic Company:

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Just last week, Virgin Atlantic also relaxed its dress code. The company confirmed that it is no longer forcing female flight attendants to wear makeup. And they can now wear pants. Previously, female flight attendants could only wear pants if they made a special request.

The dress code changes will give female flight attendants an increased level of comfort and more choice for them to express individuality. Last month, Target also made changes to its dress code, allowing employees to wear blue jeans. While the company has allowed jeans on holidays and weekends, now all employees are welcome to wear them any day they work.

More companies are shifting toward a less formal dress code. And with more young people entering the workforce, workplace habits are continuing to evolve to fit the culture of younger generations who prefer more casual attire.


T-shirts are one of the most vital garments that we can’t live without. Initially, the tees used to be of plain solid colours or with very minimal text and graphics on them. Now, there is almost everything on the t-shirts – quote, prints, and many more. Recently there has been a surge in graphic tees because of streetwear trends. Youth prefer to wear them rather than formal clothes. A team such t-shirts with any pair of denim and you are good to go.

The cool and trendy T-shirts are becoming hot in India. T-shirts are those simple, comfy cotton casuals, an influence of the West, which blends easily with the Indian style of dressing.

T-shirts are most preferred and acceptable in the Indian market

In India, earlier; T-shirts were preferred by children and teens only, but now day’s people of all age-groups wears T-shirts. Generally old age people prefer mostly collared T-shirts with branded names. Kids buy T-shirts of styles Pokemon and Spiderman and with many cartoon themes.

Recently, T-shirts with plain colours like white, bottle green, emerald green, Kelly green, sky blue, navy, orange, royal blue, sunflower, heather, ash, olive, khaki, deep navy, navy, aqua, etc. are preferred in office or with the corporate logo or slogans. Today, a new corporate trend of dressing is observed in India, especially in the information technology industry where employees can come with a blazer or sports jacket and attend a meeting wearing a T-shirt too.

Ladies are also wearing T-shirts in corporate houses with contrasting bound neckbands and cuffs, short sleeve T-shirts. Even many offices are also favoring Western wear including corporate T-shirts.


This pandemic has brought challenges to all of us. Losing access to a physical place of work can be difficult, but by taking the right steps in advance of the next disruption, government and company leaders can minimize the economic fallout.

Pandemic has affected the fashion world a lot. The trends are changed. Fashion is an industry that runs on change with new trends, styles, and whole new ranges offered up every season. To meet those demands, it must keep the supply chain working at full steam to stitch up and ship out new fashions at full speed.

With customers working from home, office dress codes saw a distinct shift into more casual styling with loungewear hailed as the defining trend of COVID-19. On an item level, sell-outs moved away from formal styles and into snuggly T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants.

Also, the closure of gyms paired with the influx of virtual workouts boosted demand for activewear. Masks have become a much-needed new source of revenue for any fashion brand.