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Fashion Has Roots, So The Tradition of Ethnic Wear Hold its Ground

Fashion has roots, so the tradition of ethnic wear hold its ground


India is a land of culture, religion, and traditions; we are honored with variegated ethnic clothing that we are showing for years. While western clothing screams out “confidence”, Indian clothing whispers “elegance”. Moreover, these days, people all over the world are also adopting our traditional clothing.

Ethnic wear is followed by all ages of people. It is the part of Indian culture that is truly followed by the people. Indians are wearing ethnic outfits like sarees, ghagra-choli, Kurta pajamas, dhoti-kurta, and salwar-suit at the wedding and also on some special occasion.

Ethnic clothing is just one of the things that distinguish one part of India from the other. The traditional Indian attire has earned admirers from people across the world. As every state in India is geographically different from the other, this has given rise to varied kinds of dresses and styles.

The outfits of a person define them in many aspects. The choice of clothing also depends on the choice of colours, choice of fabric and many other factors. A person type of body and also age factor matters a lot while selecting the dress. While choosing the clothes, the first thought comes whether an Indian or a western garment. Both garments have their stance and are worn in places where it deemed to be appropriate.

In any family occasions and or religious festivals women always try to look elegant and that too in ethnic wear and participating in all the rituals and enjoys the occasion in true spirit. The charm of Indian ethnic wear has been upheld since times immemorial and the culture is always fascinated by the magnificence of popular ethnic wear.

Young generations wearing the ethnic wear which once belongs to her mother or grandmother, immensely flaunting and proudly carrying her heritage. It’s an Indian culture where all the family members like to share everything and tries to give an elegant look to their traditional outfits. Even people from western culture when participating any Indian festivals, they try to prefer trendy ethnic outfits over the western one.

Objectives behind the Importance of Ethnic Wear:

When it comes to everyday wear, women have the luxury to choose from several outfits. But the tragedy is that they find struggling to choose outfits for special occasions like Diwali or and puja at home or any other festivals that demand the traditional ensemble. There is a lot of ethnic wear that women can choose for different functions. Outfits depend upon the functions, fabrics used in it, and also its vibrant prints, any the way stylist put some different touch of trendy essence. These make an indispensable part of our everyday clothing.

Indian wear is undoubtedly the most versatile costume all over the world. Nowadays the trend of Fusion wear in the market is catching fast amongst women. It embraces the beauty of Indian traditional wear along with the contemporary cuts of western wear. All we have to do is very simple. Just mix and match the fashionable essentials carefully to come up with a look that is exclusively yours.

Here are the ethnic essentials that every woman must include in her wardrobe. So it’s time to declutter your wardrobe and have versatile pieces of the garment, so we can easily make you ready to go out at any moment with a modern touch of elegance. Once you have it then just relax and enjoy every function of the year.

• Prototypical Salwar Kameez:

Whether to go for the office party or to attend any lunch date. Quickly grab a salwar kameez with minimum accessorize and a matching pair of heels or juttis and you are ready to go. There is nothing too gaudy or subtle about this outfit. It is the perfect ultimate fashion. Nowadays a new version of kameez with sleeveless or having the puff sleeves which will easily go with western style Pants skirts or jeans.

Like other forms of dress, the length of the salwar kameez depends upon the choice as the trends are usually changing all the time. Sometimes knee-length is in trends while some other time the full-length trends are in.

• All-time elegant sarees:

Indian sarees are an all-time favorite. It is one of the Indian dresses that enjoy worldwide popularity. It works well for every occasion. You just need to pick the right colour tone and material. Even if you are not a saree lover, a good idea is to keep one handy always as it gives a gorgeous and elegant look. Whether to host a party or to attend a wedding draping the six-yard saree is always good. The beautiful weaves and designs on sarees make one wonder about the creativity of these weavers. Different regions of India have a different specialty and a variety of sarees. Kanjivaram and Patola are one of the finest silk sarees in India.

• Dhoti Suit — twist to an Ethnic Twist:

Nowadays fusion clothes are in trends. It all depends upon your choice whether you want to pair it with your kurta or other tops. It’s traditional attire with a classy makeover. One can also wear it with the contrast matching along with the pair of juttis will look more elegant. It’s a twist to the desi look. Just like a pizza on bhakri makes it new version of bhakri pizza. In the same way, it gives a modern touch to traditional attire.

• Patiala suit:

Patiala suit is the best option to look out for a complete Indian suit. It’s the best traditional Punjabi suit. You should not refrain from getting yourself this traditional Punjabi outfit. So for the perfect Punjabi look, wear Patiala suits with matching Bangles and Chaandballis, make you ready for the festival effortlessly with the typical Punjabi look. One can also pair it with short Kurtis.

• Magnificent Lehenga choli:

Lehenga Choli is one the most stylish outfit that women wear on different occasions. It’s a wedding or any other functions women love to twirl in the flowy skirts with shimmery blouses. Every woman always has a collection of at least one pair of lehenga choli as it’s never been outdated. At the time of Navratri, the traditional lehenga choli looks so colourful and the way it is dressed along with the matching jewellery is just adding icing to the cake.

• Jhumkas:

Well, not just outfits but some accessories are equally important. Jumhkas are the first things that come to mind when we think of Indian accessories. We can pair them up with suits, Kurtas, or even Sarees. A pretty pair of jhumkas is to be owned by every girl for all ethnic pieces. These are the best accessory for a casual look of a tee. It’s a perfect way to look Desi. We can say that the Indian women’s jewellery collection is not complete without jhumkis.

• Anarkali Suit:

Anarka li suits can be worn on every occasion like any festival or wedding. It is a long flowy suit and is a favorite among the ladies as it flatters all body shape and sizes. It should be every lady’s choice and is the best ethnic wear amongst all. That’s the reason it is still in fashion for quite a long time now. It’s a treat and a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe

• Palazzo:

To get stylish comfy looks Palazzos are the chic attire. It’s the most comfortable during the hot days for some easy breezy attire, as it has a great flare. It goes with everything from long Kurtis, to a crop top. Printed, self-weaved, embroidered or solids are the options when coming to the types of Palazzo.

• Stylist Dupatta:

When it comes to Indian wear, Dupattas are the game-changer. For an instantly bright-up look, dupatta plays a major role. Wearing contrast or a bright dupatta is like adding a cherry to the cake. A beautiful bright colour dupatta when added to a monochrome salwar kameez, takes the entire look to a whole new level.

If a heavily worked dupatta is worn on a simple plain salwar kameez it makes a very elegant and beautiful piece of heavy suits. If we wear dupatta in a fancy way on jeans or camisole give an ethnic touch to the western wear. Dupatta gives a complete Indian look.

• Long skirt:

Almost every brand has an amazing collection of long skirts. Since long ,skirts are in fashion in India, so all the age group of people wears it. It redefined Desi sway and can match with all types of tops or kurta. Fashion of skirts came in from pencil skirts and now it has driven to the long ethnic skirt. It also goes with the informal outings, or at the offices, or in the formal meetings and parties too. So every Indian girl must have long or short skirts with them. Nowadays the trend of long skirts is seen more in the fashion.


Thus the importance of ethnic wear for women is such that it installs the feeling of unity among the women of the country. Isn’t it amazing that we Indians have a treasury of excellent ethnic wear clothing such as salwar kameez, lehenga choli, saree Kurti and others? The fusion of Indian and Western wear associates the whole world together. So designer Indian ethnic wear has become popular in international markets like Europe, UK, and the US along with Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

India is a country globally associated with opulence and equality. As for festival occasions, sumptuous weddings, festive occasions, and ceremonial celebrations, Indian ethnic clothing has always been the favorite garment of the whole world.

In short, nothing could make you look more real and imperial than Indian ethnic wear.

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