Impact of Corona on the fashion industry

The life of most of us has changed drastically over the last year, as many of us are put in situations in which we have to work from home instead of attending the offices, which was one of our routines. This Covid 19 pandemic has changed everything and upended the daily life of the people globally. Every person who goes for the work, this pandemic ditched the daily commutes to work from the couches, beds, dining tables in their homes only. Most of the meetings are replaced by emails or through the internet instead of the conference rooms in the offices.

But now as the market starts to reopen so many people head back to their offices, many employees and businesses are having an important question as if should work from home or get back to the offices?

Many of the business sectors have the fallout due to pandemic as it's in the stage of forthcoming recession and even the fashion industry is not been immune from it. The Industry is even facing structural changes, apart from the economic factors. Before COVID the fashion industry is in the boom, having growth consistent and also strong performance in the Asian market. Even during the starting of the year before corona looked promising.

However afterward, the sales have been reduced drastically. And the main thing is that it has more affected to the behavior of the customers, the style of the people and even the fashion calendar. So comfy dressing is required as a home is only the office during the social distancing timing due to pandemic. No more any formal or offices wear but only the most comfortable and even the oversized clothes which are more thumbs up during these days.

Now the leisurewear wear, loungewear, and pajamas are in more trend as the digital world has changed the fashion happily that add both the comfy and the style to the home office. Even joggers, Yoga pants, T-shirts, Cargo pants, and pullovers are in trend as if we have been entered the new era of "OFFICE ATTIRE”. Even no need to go out of the house for the requirement of the basic needs as online shopping is also set up as a brighter outlook for all the people.

Our Pyjamas has taken the place of jeans during Lockdown. As pyjamas been our new uniform during working from home. We can say the lockdown fashion was in the Pyjamas and all the new and branded clothes were in the wardrobe as shirts been replaced by the oversized clothes and PJs took place of jeans. Now the designer has to design a new post-pandemic fashion, as it's been hard to come out of the comfort zone.

As work from home is been more promoted by many companies this year was a year for the biggest opening ever for the web platforms thereby increase in viewership across several OTT platforms. As Covid 19 shut down the box office, the only way out for entertainment was a TV and OTT. The OTT platform spiked up in the last few months. The new viewership is much higher as compare to pre-pandemic months.

Since the Covid 19 hit the world, FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and all other apps of video-calling have become part of our lives. As it's only the safest way of communication, it's been really hard to imagine life without it. Moreover, people still staying connected whether friends or family or co-workers. Even the birthday parties, weddings, studies, or attend funerals, everything is been organized with video calling. So due to pandemic, the modern way of communications is been life nowadays, as people are habituated with it. As it can easily be connected via mobile devices or iPad, laptops without going anywhere and more comfort and relax way of communication.

Moreover, still many companies promoting work from home, the style of the clothes also been changed and people are now habituated with a more comfortable and relaxed way of wearing clothes. So pandemic has even changed the trends in the fashion world and is likely to still dominate this current year which includes many changes which are listed as below:


Mask One centre

While talking about this current year's trends of fashion, there introduced one new which is compulsory accessory i.e. MASK. Moreover, there are lots of innovations made regarding face masks like with LED lights, embroidery patterns, others with bright colors matching with their outfits, with the names inscribed in it are added to the newest fashion. As masks became a part of fashion, Designers are using their skills to create fashionable, stylish, and reusable fabrics that can go easily with their aesthetic and prepare some of their signature pieces and that too at reasonable prices. As is for now the mask is worn worldwide as a part of safety and even fashion.

Wearing a mask anywhere is compulsory especially in the bigger companies where more workers might be sharing tight quarters. So the masks should be made in such a way that it’s more comfortable, protective, and even stylish.

Pyjama Sets:

Pyjama Sets:

As one remained home night suits became even the day sets as well. As it not only gives comfort but also the tops paired with matching pyjamas with collared shirts look cool. As for now even celebrities wear night suits with pyjama sets outdoors and indoors. So it’s in trend now to wear comfortable clothes. . Before the pandemic, pyjamas used to be only worn as sleepwear. Due to its loose fittings and a high degree of coziness all people love them so much. Even the pyjama lovers get many choices from cotton to silk, simply plain to even print one, made up of premium fabrics like silk, cotton, bamboo, and jute. Besides cotton pyjamas are very soft, it reduces the irritations and rashes. And silk pyjamas look very luxuriant and elegant and are smooth and lightweight. It also helps in regulating the temperature of the body as well. On the other hand, bamboo fabric is more absorbent as compared to that cotton one. And for more cozy and warmness, flannel is the best one. So now a day we find a huge variety of pyjamas in the market.


Other most comfortable clothes which originally fashion style of Iraq Kaftans. Kaftans are back in fashion during the lockdown as it’s comfortable to wear even for the people while they are working from home. And this fashion is going to be continuing this year for sure because of its classic looks and airy home wear. It’s now easily available all over the world and varieties of ranges are available from silk to rayon to cotton in different sizes and lengths. It can be worn outdoors too.

Voluminous dress:

Welcome the latest wardrobe staple!

The perfect way to beat the heat and that too with the cute look goes with the voluminous dress and it's the new fashion this lockdown and it’s going to swap the fitted dresses which are not at all comfortable due to excessive heat and temperature. It’s been fabricated from cotton to soft materials and more suitable in this weather as it can be worn all day comfortably. Moreover, it’s easy to add any accessories or belt to make up with style for a zoom meeting or virtual date.

Over-sized Shirts:

It a very classic closet that goes on all lazy days and the best thing is to require zero effort to wear it. It’s none other than one which matches with everything and can be worn very easily. We can pair it with leggings, shorts, or pyjamas. It looks great with anything. Moreover, as compared to over-sized t-shirts and hoodies it looks chicer.


Much before the pandemic, Lounge-wear was in trend as the need for presentable clothes and comfortable ones can be easily transitioned for to buy grocery or work out or work from home. Even for the Tik Tok appearance which had become more and more widespread during those days. Lounge-wear is more sustainable, versatile, and comfortable. So it’s always in demand. And the manufacturer has to find a new pattern and outlook to sustain in this world of competition as buyers will always appreciate the new and attractive designs.


When it comes to activewear mostly jeggings and sweatpants rule the bottom activewear category and t-shirts and hoodies are the top hottest top-selling categories. Over the print styles, the plain styles are winning the market. Moreover, the plain styles, even the tie-dye, colour blocking are also the most preferred patterns. With regards to the performance of the fabrics, the quick-dry and moisture-wicking ones are winning the hands down. So during the lockdown, all activewear has captured the whole trends of fashion.

Anti-fit tops:

A very cute top with bright colour that also brightens your whole day is a must to have. The Anti fit tops make great home wear while staying at home with the burden of the whole office work. It can easily team up with trousers or linen pants.

Yoga pants:

To balance your mind along with your body is been very necessary during the days of the corona. As it helps to improve the cardio health, circulatory system, and even respiratory system. Yoga is the best option to be followed to maintain the balance between overall psychological as well as physical health. .So to practice various poses of yoga is been very comfortable with yoga pants. So yoga pants are in high demand since then. It also comes with a huge variety of colours, prints, and fabrics. But along with the fabric, the main reason for its demand is it’s comfortable as compared to anything.

Kurta sets:

Even kurta sets are not only the ethnic but also the comfiest if wear loose short kurtas which are been teamed with palazzos or any loose trouser pants. It makes it more comfortable to work from home wear and also it does not give an informal look for any zoom meeting even. So for any meeting of office or any kind of business, the kurta set will surely go as one of the outfits with comfort and ease.

Chunky Rings:

Chunky Rings OC

Big rings and jewellery seem to be the rage these days instead of collecting dust in one corner with nowhere to flaunt them. As more accessories are visible on an Instagram or video call we see the surge in it. It is more fun while mixing and matching it with different designs and can give a pop-up look to your lazy home looks. Adding an extra dose of bling can never be harmful.

Maxi dresses:

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses can be easily worn every day as its Airy and most comfortable one. It’s the first choice of every woman due to its neutral colours and soft fabrics. They can be paired with jackets or with scarves for video conferences and is the most preferred to wear when the work from home continues. A Blow-dried hair or buns or neat pony can suits best with the maxi dress look.

PPE is the mainstream:

During the start of a pandemic, retailers are pivoted with the personal protective equipment (PPE) for all the front line workers. As hygiene must be in front of the mind, this PPE kit has become a huge investment in the corona and post corona world. Even if the people are affected by corona stays as home quarantine, PPE kit would be very useful for the remaining members of the family who are serving them to maintain hygiene and an infected free environment. So PPE is at the mainstream during this time.


During this pandemic, sportswear has been blooming as everyone walked around as being stuck at home. As sports have been always the arms around the shoulder to come out of major trauma. So even to play in a playground nearby would be the best outing during the lockdown time and that too with some small sports activity would make the people very cheerful and full of energetic. So sportswear always would be at the top of every selling option for any age group of people. To stay physically active in times of self-quarantine, some sports activity is the best for the body. It's a challenge for everyone to stay fit, remain calm, and protect their health during tough times. As the low level of physical activity can have negative effects on the health of the person.


Cardigans are back as Taylor Swift brought it again in style. She imparted vibes and cottage core in her folklore album of 2020. The jackets and office blazers are been replaced by the Cardigans in 2020. It is the new home formal attire. It can be paired with skirts or shorts or even with jeans or dresses and it has a more comfortable level. The readymade or hand¬-knit cardigans, a person can go with any of them, whatever suits them the best. Both women and men can flaunt with the cardigan.


When it comes to shorts it's an all-time favorite for men or women, as it's the most comfortable outfit and is sufficient for casual activities like lounging at home during the self-quarantine period. It’s very suitable for the hot and humid weather. It's also quite comfortable while heading for the early morning walks. It keeps the body dry, cool, and comfortable. That’s the only reason it's always in demand for any age group. And in corona times it works like the comfiest wear for everyone.


During COVID in the quarantine times, like T-shirts gives a cool trend looks along with comfortable, it’s in great demand. It's been worn by both women and men. T-shirts are always quite cheap as compare to other outfits. Moreover, it is available at a reasonable price, it's an immensely popular and common top-wear outfit.

Sports shoes:

This pandemic has shut down the whole world from going outside. So the home workouts, dance, or yoga are only some of the best ways to stay active and healthy. And that too must be done with proper dressing to avoid injury. So sports shoes must be worn every time for more comfort and to protect the legs. So during this pandemic, the demand for sports shoes also increases as more now a day’s people are conscious about their health.


Thus corona has affected the whole world and has changed every aspect of our lives which leads to surprising discoveries. People now started to buy in bulk, online shopping commenced with full fledge, masks being an unavoidable part of our life. Those people who won’t believe in online shopping are now shopping with full extreme. As there are many benefits of online shopping like customers would not be tired of participating in full traffic, or the headache of the parking lot, or waiting for the payment in a big queue. Thus the life becomes more easy and comfortable with online shopping. Even take away at restaurants would be the preferable one to avoid from eating on the spot as due to threat of spreading the diseases. Consumers are getting more comfortable about online shopping as its having faster delivery time, return policies, and easy options available for payment at a discounted prices.

Thus the internet has changed completely the purchase habits. Today we can buy anything online from shoes to clothes or any electronic items or groceries. Any item will be delivered in front of your door within the stipulated time just by clicking one button.

Thus life without the internet is not possible in this world of pandemics. Gone are the days when buyers used to go in the traffic that too without any social distancing. Traditional shopping becomes very chaotic in times of pandemic. So online shopping is a blessed and wonderful thing for the customer in this time of corona.